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Does shoe weight really matter?

Yes, yes it does.

Bill Bowerman, world famous running coach and co-founder of Nike, calculated that if your stride is 6 feet, you take 800 strides in a mile, and if you remove 1oz from your shoe weight that equals 55lbs less that you have to lift over the mile (880oz = 55lbs).

Let’s do the math for a marathon using my stride length and two different shoe options:

  • Shoe 1 = Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 weighing in at 10.8oz
  • Shoe 2 = Nike Air Zoom Flyknit Streak weighing in at 6.67oz
  • Weight difference between shoe 1 and shoe 2 = 4.03oz
  • Marathon pace stride length = 4.33 feet
  • Strides per mile = 1,219
  • Strides per marathon = 31,938

Now that we have all the variables let’s input them into the equation:

  • 4.03oz (shoe weight difference) x 31,938 (strides per marathon) = 128,710oz = 8,044lbs

By changing from a training shoe, the Pegasus 33, to a race shoe, the Flyknit Streak, you’d lift 8,044lbs less over the course of a marathon! That’s an incredible stat. You could cut 3+ minutes from your marathon time just by wearing lighter shoes.

In conclusion, don’t dope, just cut weight. Train heavy, race light.

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