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The Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 is incredible
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Let me start by saying that the Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 was complete and utter garbage. It was supposed to be lightweight, responsive, and fast. It was heavy, bulky, and slow and I hated every minute I ran in them. So why then would I even consider buying the Nike Air Zoom Elite 9? The same reason you’d never buy a hideous Porsche 911 996 model, but you’d buy the Porsche 911 997 model in a heartbeat; things generally get better. I’m also a shoe guy that can’t resist a shiny new model.

The Nike Elite 9 are everything the 8 promised to be, lightweight, responsive, fast, and more. They are the only shoe I’ve run in that I have instantly known is a winner. No break in needed. No 60 day return guarantee needed. No wondering if they will get better if I put a few more miles on them. Nothing. They are almost perfect out of the box. As soon as I got back from my first run with them I went online and bought another pair. They are that good.

So where do they fit into the Nike lineup? Somewhere in the middle between the Pegasus 33 and the Streak 6. The Pegasus is a fantastic everyday trainer. The Streak 6 can’t be beat for races of any distance up to the marathon. The Elite 9 is closer to the Streak then the Pegasus and it can be used for everyday running and races. But I’m still going to use the Streak 6 for racing. Why? Because shoe weight is everything in racing and and the Streak is 1.1oz lighter than the Elite 9. Regardless, the Elite 9 should be in your lineup.


  • 7.9oz (men’s size 10)
  • 8mm offset

The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Amazing coushing for the weight
  • Great feel from the very first run

The Bad

  • None

What else can I say? Just go buy them.

Highly recommended


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